And what to do with the dead dreams of my guests…?

Dearest readers:

I’ve had a chance to lovingly pour through the casket of dead dreams that sat at the front of my dead dream funeral last Saturday, and LAWD HAVE MERCY, what a collection of eccentric dead dreams. Comic books, dancing shoes, silk scarves, love poems and letters, and lots and lots of currency for those who are giving up attachment to material things. All of these items are being stored in a safe box, surrounded by candles, incense and protective love — until we burn them to smithereens at the next important ceremony: The Cremation.

Yes, Reverand Rai, Song Mistress Lisa, and I have discussed that it is important that none of your dead dreams, dashed hopes, or disappointments get left in the world. Our deadline is New Year’s Eve 08. You will be purified. We all will be purified. And congratulations to those of you who GET IT. That you are just giving up on things turning out the way you thought they were supposed to, and opening yourself up INSTEAD to new love, new surprises, and new ways to realize your dreams. As it is said, We Plan, God Laughs. Let it all go. We will enjoy watching everyone, including ourselves, rise from the ashes in 2009. Stay tuned for updates about the cremation event. Should be hot.

In other, more self-promotional news, this is the best blog review of event: Silkstone – Open Salon

Rest in peace, love, and a hot bath full of lavender,

Cemetery Mary

3 Responses to “And what to do with the dead dreams of my guests…?”

  1. Tess Says:

    There’s going to be a cremation? Huh. I thought it would just stop at the wake! I was wondering where all that stuff would go. But now, aren’t there environmental considerations we’ll have to look at? If plastic representations of dreams were in the casket would burning them be releasing toxic fumes into the air? Should those representations be buried? PS: Would LA Green Girl (who gave you a shout out) know what to do with the remains ecologically?

  2. admin Says:

    We should consult her, this LA green girl. How do we do that oh computer saavy one???

  3. Dahlia Jack Says:

    Much appreciated. Thanks for putting this up.

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