How The Obama Factor Can Help Us All Move Forward

Excerpted from Cemetery Mary’s: Six Tips to Overcome Dead Dreams, Dashed Hopes, and Disappointments.

Okay, if you are trolling around a website that lets you bury dead dreams, maybe things suck in your life right now. Some cherished dream, goal, business, relationship, or major project and/or idea has tanked and you are devastated. That dream may have been a different outcome in this Presidential election. But even Senator McCain, during his gracious concession speech, had to admit:


I don’t care what your political beliefs are, on the day after the election you had to have noticed that the sun was shining brighter, the birds sang more sweetly, and people were making more eye contact on the street. There’s something about change that involves greater inclusiveness that makes everyone want to sing Zippity Doo Dah. (Okay, except for a few of my beloved republican friends who claimed to remain in the fetal position on the morning of November 5. Your job is to download my Tip Sheet and employ “Denial.”)

That said, this amazing shift in the American consciousness did not happen in a vacuum. In addition to the history of horrors that led to the fight for fairness and tolerance, many people had to sacrifice individual dreams in the process. Most recently, we can offer thanks and condolences to Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain, as well as that cute and controversial Governor, Sarah Palin (but seriously, if she could be V.P., I could be V.P., and no one would want that). Despite this great shift, there were some casualties. In California, we feel the ironic twist of fate, whereby despite getting to elect our first African American president, voters also approved Propostion 8, which deprives our homosexual brothers and sisters the basic right to marry. 

See? The collective consciousness giveth; the collective consciousness taketh away…but maybe the joy of those who lived to see the dream of an African American president realized, will fuel the ongoing fight to extend equal rights to all. More compost for the cause.

So don’t give up hope, as it’s impossible to know what good may become of what feels so unfair. The dead dreams of others often serve as the perfect fertilizer for important growth. It may help to believe your pain and disappointment could serve a higher purpose. For me, The Obama Factor is proof that we shall all overcome some day. Hey, no matter how bad it gets, it’s still A New Day…

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Rest in Peace,

Cemetery Mary

2 Responses to “How The Obama Factor Can Help Us All Move Forward”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Yes, November 5th was an important day. It was the day I understood how important it was that I dedicate my time to the Pro-Life movement. Thank you Obama for the stimulus I needed to protect the most vulnerable and innocent in our society.

  2. Tess Says:

    I am wondering what lessons McCain’s camp can learn from this experience? If so, I’m inclined to send a link (if I only knew someone from that camp!)

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