Welcome Dead Dreamers!

Get fired? Car repossessed? Lose the house? The spouse? The 401k? Your youth or girlish figure? Did you accidentally give birth to offspring who bear no resemblance to your vision of perfect children?

Or, like me, did your beloved first novel get rejected by sixteen misguided publishers?

Welcome to the Dead Dreamers Blog—a special place to come when you need help getting over the pain of life’s inevitable upsets. Let’s face it, when this crap happens, we need a help–and what better place to find it than in a nice community that offers a fun, free, and easy way to unleash and unload. 

Here you will eventually find postings of our favorite dead dreams, dashed hopes, and stories of the triumph over tragedy that result when people decide to quit stressing about life’s major disappointments and just MOVE ON. We will also make room for ideas, inspiration, commentary and problem solving here, too.

Please, if you have something you want to rid your life of, visit our Bury Your Dead Dream page. We accept all dead dreams, dashed hopes, and negative personality traits you’d like to unload. If you have a general problem, Cemetery Mary is here to offer cheap advice (see request form on right column).

Feel free to leave a comment or two and link to us from your own website or blog. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed—a clever little doohickey that automatically notifies you when we have posted a dead dream or prickly problem we think worthy of attention—by clicking on the “RSS” link in the address line of this page.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to visit our blog and cemetery regularly, as we expect the plot to thicken around here with each passing week.

Rest in peace,

Cemetery Mary



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  1. Dirk Says:

    Your post Welcome Dead Dreamers! | My Dream Is Dead But I’m Not was very interesting when I found it over google on Thursday by my search for bury dead. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

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