STAY TUNED: The Resurrection is Coming

Beloved Readers:

Cemetery Mary is listening and I AGREE there is too much crap news coming out of the air and cyber waves, not enough stories of how one might turn CRAP into COMPOST. But that’s all about to change. Make sure you sign up on the home page so I can send you your daily hit of cyber antidepressent starting Easter Sunday. Yes, like Jesus, we are going to rise from the dead and kick off an exciting new party. One that focuses a bit more on good news. Sure, the economy is tanking, thousands are getting laid off, people who make $17,000 a year can no longer get $750,000 mortgages for houses they can’t afford so unethical loan officers can collect fat commissions. But there is good news too, no? Crooks and thieves who’ve benefited at the expense of the masses are being EXPOSED, unemployed workers are being FORCED to stretch into new job possibilities, and it’s no longer cool to be grotesquely wealthy. These are the days when those of us who have been forced to spend years building character can flaunt it. Our global economy is having its version of a massive forest fire to burn out the messy undergrowth and we will all emerge stronger (if not a little crispy). Turn off the TV and instead, look to mother nature for wisdom and forecasts. It’s winter. Things look a little barren for awhile, but of course it will not last. (In fact, my naked plum tree already shows great signs of hope. A hummingbird has built a nest and is raising her tiny little babies right under my window. I was certain the last big storm must have killed them all, but when the sun came up this morning they were so big and robust, they look to be outgrowing the nest.)

Meanwhile, thank you for all the emails. In aggregate, its apparent you are all craving better news, not to mention some inspiration and reasons to take life, and yourselves, a little less seriously. Thanks for writing, and PLEASE┬ásign up for Cemetery Mary’s Crap into Compost daily antidepressent feed…it’s coming soon (Easter) to an email address near you.

Rest in peace with the TV off,

Cemetery Mary

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