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Adios discrimination, complaints, powerlessness & gallstones

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Beloved dreamers,

 The fabulous funeral to bury my dream of publishing The Book through a mainstream publishing house is days away, and I’m thrilled to hear of all the exciting additions guests are adding to the open casket. First of all, so many of us are going to bury the idea that discrimination has any part of our lives anymore by sticking Proposition 8 into the coffin. As we bury that misguided effort, it will fuel our passion to get to work reversing it. I have no doubt that the decomposition of Prop 8 will serve as rich compost for our nation’s growth into greater love, acceptance, tolerance and equality deserved by everyone—regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or age. And speaking of age, after hearing that her Grandma wasn’t casting a vote one way or another for Prop 8, my young niece announced that she didn’t think old people should be allowed to vote. “They don’t have to live with the results,” she reasoned. But, hey, discrimination is discrimination. If old people get to vote, then gay people should be allowed to be married. Especially the old ones—cripes, they’ve been waiting so long. (If we aren’t going to give gays marital rights, then we must at least offer them a discount on their taxes since they aren’t getting full service.) But from a purely practical standpoint, since the majority of young voters went against Prop 8, at least we know it has a short shelf life.

In other burial news, many are joining me in killing off the whining and complaining that leads to an overall feeling of powerlessness. For me, it was the idea that I needed Big Publishing Daddy to give me a book contract to launch this novel. It turns out that self-publishing and holding a funeral book launch killer fun. Another beloved guest, currently at Summit Hospital being prepped for gallbladder removal, has asked her doc to package up one of the stones so she can place it into the coffin and bury all remnants of disease, as well as her contributions to her own demise (poor diet, lack of exercise). She’s going into 2009 with one less organ, which leaves room for the inner strength she’s summoning to treat herself with greater love and respect.

Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday.

Yes we can.

Say folks…what do you want to dump into the coffin?

Please consider the following excerpt from an oracle written by my favorite astrologer, Rob Brezsny This guy gets it…

In order to live, you’ve got to be a demolisher. You take plants and animals that were once alive and rip them apart with your teeth, then disintegrate them in your digestive system. 

Your body is literally on fire inside, burning up the oxygen you suck into your lungs. 

You didn’t actually cut down the trees used to make your house and furniture, but you colluded with their demise. 

Then there’s the psychological liquidation you’ve done: killing off old beliefs you’ve outgrown, for instance. 

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty—just pointing out that you have a lot of experience with positive expressions of destruction. 

For more get Brezsny’s book, PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings.

How The Obama Factor Can Help Us All Move Forward

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Excerpted from Cemetery Mary’s: Six Tips to Overcome Dead Dreams, Dashed Hopes, and Disappointments.

Okay, if you are trolling around a website that lets you bury dead dreams, maybe things suck in your life right now. Some cherished dream, goal, business, relationship, or major project and/or idea has tanked and you are devastated. That dream may have been a different outcome in this Presidential election. But even Senator McCain, during his gracious concession speech, had to admit:


I don’t care what your political beliefs are, on the day after the election you had to have noticed that the sun was shining brighter, the birds sang more sweetly, and people were making more eye contact on the street. There’s something about change that involves greater inclusiveness that makes everyone want to sing Zippity Doo Dah. (Okay, except for a few of my beloved republican friends who claimed to remain in the fetal position on the morning of November 5. Your job is to download my Tip Sheet and employ “Denial.”)

That said, this amazing shift in the American consciousness did not happen in a vacuum. In addition to the history of horrors that led to the fight for fairness and tolerance, many people had to sacrifice individual dreams in the process. Most recently, we can offer thanks and condolences to Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain, as well as that cute and controversial Governor, Sarah Palin (but seriously, if she could be V.P., I could be V.P., and no one would want that). Despite this great shift, there were some casualties. In California, we feel the ironic twist of fate, whereby despite getting to elect our first African American president, voters also approved Propostion 8, which deprives our homosexual brothers and sisters the basic right to marry. 

See? The collective consciousness giveth; the collective consciousness taketh away…but maybe the joy of those who lived to see the dream of an African American president realized, will fuel the ongoing fight to extend equal rights to all. More compost for the cause.

So don’t give up hope, as it’s impossible to know what good may become of what feels so unfair. The dead dreams of others often serve as the perfect fertilizer for important growth. It may help to believe your pain and disappointment could serve a higher purpose. For me, The Obama Factor is proof that we shall all overcome some day. Hey, no matter how bad it gets, it’s still A New Day…

For more of my handy tips to overcome dead dreams, dashed hopes, and disappointments, click here

Rest in Peace,

Cemetery Mary

Welcome Dead Dreamers!

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Get fired? Car repossessed? Lose the house? The spouse? The 401k? Your youth or girlish figure? Did you accidentally give birth to offspring who bear no resemblance to your vision of perfect children?

Or, like me, did your beloved first novel get rejected by sixteen misguided publishers?

Welcome to the Dead Dreamers Blog—a special place to come when you need help getting over the pain of life’s inevitable upsets. Let’s face it, when this crap happens, we need a help–and what better place to find it than in a nice community that offers a fun, free, and easy way to unleash and unload. 

Here you will eventually find postings of our favorite dead dreams, dashed hopes, and stories of the triumph over tragedy that result when people decide to quit stressing about life’s major disappointments and just MOVE ON. We will also make room for ideas, inspiration, commentary and problem solving here, too.

Please, if you have something you want to rid your life of, visit our Bury Your Dead Dream page. We accept all dead dreams, dashed hopes, and negative personality traits you’d like to unload. If you have a general problem, Cemetery Mary is here to offer cheap advice (see request form on right column).

Feel free to leave a comment or two and link to us from your own website or blog. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed—a clever little doohickey that automatically notifies you when we have posted a dead dream or prickly problem we think worthy of attention—by clicking on the “RSS” link in the address line of this page.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to visit our blog and cemetery regularly, as we expect the plot to thicken around here with each passing week.

Rest in peace,

Cemetery Mary